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My year of reading

  Hello my dear friends, how are you? Happy new year. Let’s not talk about the year we left behind. I mean we could, its good to reflect on it. But let’s not do it here. This is a place of positivity and focusing on the things that bring us joy.   I thought I would write a blog as a way of sending off the year and welcoming the new year. I   want to express my deep love for having books in my life this year. I’m going to do it by going through the books I’ve read and making a list of the top books. I haven’t written any blogs during the craziness that has been the past 10 months, so here’s to making positive changes and getting back to life outside of lockdown blues. I’m starting with the book list I’ve read because, unlike my writing, this is something where I’ve actually finished something. So I actually feel like I accomplished something even as this year was stopping me from finishing anything else (I have many many projects at the moment that are somewhere in the middle space of b