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The way we think

A brain, full of thoughts. My brain, sitting in my head, pondering every little thing that comes into it. Recalling an interaction I had when I was in the 5 th grade. Thinking about my future and my research. Quantum biology would be really cool to study. Who do I know that I could contact about it? Thinking of a lecturer from my honours year that went into the medicine department to shine lasers on mouse brains.   I have an internal monologue, often I don’t say anything out loud but rather think about it in my head. Words unsaid to people get confused and muddled with the words I do say. Did I tell you that I got my thesis reviews back and it looks like I’ll get my PhD after all? I assume people know more about me than they do, and when they ask a question that I thought was obvious, my entire world view comes crashing down to this small version of myself where I haven’t shared all that much with people. It's all in my head. I was listening so intently to you, thinking a